Ruby Pumps in Chemical Industry

Ruby – Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps, available in PP, PP+CF, PVDF, Aluminum and AISI 316 Stainless Steel, with new generation diaphragms, with integrated piston and 5 times longer life than classic diaphragms on the market, are a top choice at the moment in the chemical industry and shipping.

The chemical industry in the world

The chemical industry has a complex sectoral composition.

This includes:

a) mining and chemical industry (mining of raw materials: sulphur, apatite, phosphorites, salts).
b) basic chemistry (production of salts, acids, alkalis, mineral fertilizers).
c) chemistry of organic synthesis (production of polymers – plastics, synthetic rubber, chemical fibers).
d) other industries (household chemicals, perfumery, microbiological, etc.).

Industry, as already noted, remains the leading branch of material production, and its share in the total output of the branches of material production is still increasing.

Key Benefits of Ruby Diaphragm Pumps

But let’s see what are the main advantages of the innovative Ruby series of Diaphragm Pumps:

New generation and specially designed PTFE diaphragms with integrated piston for long life (compound)
• High quality PTFE-A diaphragms that offer even greater flow, suitable for very demanding chemicals and difficult applications with mechanical stress
• Ecological design, economical air consumption.
• High performance in pressure and flow
• No lubrication required
• No ice barriers are created
• New air valve design, with full controlled air passage.

The European chemical industry is of major importance for economic development and wealth, providing modern products and materials and enabling solutions in virtually all sectors. A  wealth generating sector of the economy, and a valuable part of Europe’s economic infrastructure, it aims to provide solutions for the achievement of a competitive, low carbon and circular economy in Europe and beyond.

With over 1.2 million workers, €499 billion turnover and €9.4 billion R&I investments, the European chemical industry is a wealth generating sector of the economy and a major contributor to building a sustainable future for Europe.

Ruby – Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps, also make a difference in the chemical industry sector, making sure to efficiently meet the needs of any company that needs a reliable pump solution.

AlphaDynamic Pumps S.A is the only company that manufactures diaphragm air pumps in Greece, both for industry and shipping.