ADV – Vertical Centrifugal Pump

  • Thermoplastic pumps made in PP or PVDF
  • Capacity up to 75 m3/h.
  • Head up to 38 mlc.
  • Column length 250 – 2000 mm
  • Viscosity: up to 500 cps
  • Maximum temperature : PP 65°C PVDF 95°C
  • Motors : IP55 – F Class – 2-pole – 50 Hz – three-phase
  • Single phase from 0,55 kw to 2,2 kw – 50/60 Hz
  • Pump immersed in the tank
  • Motor removable even with pump installed
  • Upon request the pump can be supplied with flange on the discharge
  • Centrifugal pump with coupling and semi open-impeller.
  • Suitable for high corrosive liquids with solids in suspension.

Available in PP and PVDF


Vertical centrifugal pumps with bracket series ADV are made of thermoplastic materials (PP and PVDF) and are suitable to pump high corrosive liquids with solids.
Pump series ADV are available with different column lengths from 250 mm to 2000mm.

Description of the pump

The open impeller allows continuous pumping even with very dirty liquids having apparent viscosity of up to 500 cps (at 20°C) and small suspended solids.
ADV vertical centrifugal pumps consist of a solid pump casing and a column fitted to the base plate supporting the lantern that in turn supports the electric motor. The direct-drive motor is connected by a flexible coupling on the pump shaft. The open impeller is fitted to the other end of the shaft that is supported by a radial bearing. This pump’s special design allows the motor to be stripped without the need to disconnect the pump from the system.


ADV Vertical centrifugal pumps should only be installed with the shaft positioned vertically and the pump immersed in the tank. Suitable devices should be fitted to avoid dry running and /or the formation of a vortex and possible air suction. These pumps should only operate whilst filled. Running dry or with air bubbles can cause damage to the internal