Para tasas de entrega hasta 25 m3 / h

Características técnicas


Material de construcción :

Cuerpo: AISI316

Rotor : AISI316

Estatutor : NBR , EPDM , HYPALON , VITON

Entrada/ Salida : DN 65 DIN 11851
Impermeabilización : SIC/SIC/VITON o EPDM
Caudal máximo : 25 m3/h
Altura máxima : 6 Bar
Temperatura máxima :  100 °C

They are used for the transfer of:

  • Low viscous and high viscous liquids, even paste-like
  • Liquids with solid suspensions without damage
  • Liquids that require gentle handling

Other industrial applications are:

  • Food and Beverage industry like honey, sugar, pastes, oil, yogurt, juices, wine, must, chocolate, butter, pulp.
  • Cosmetics industry like shampoo, cream, liquid soap
  • Varnish and paint industry like ink, paints, glue
  • Many other industrial sectors like mining, agriculture, shipping building and textile
  • Petrochemistry
  • Agriculture